Since there is a wide choice of options and technologies available, we have created a separate chapter on our website dedicated to car advertising. A simple sticker on a bumper of a vehicle, showing web address of the company or a telephone number with the “For Sale” sign is an advert, as well as graphics, which alters vehicle’s appearance to fit into company’s corporate style.

Advertising on wheels – vehicle wraps of any size, colour and shape.

Let’s imagine an advertising board that is moving around the city, popping up here and there. This is your company car. The size, square area and the number of colours of the car wrap is virtually unlimited, ranging from just a telephone number to a complete wrap, covering the entire surface of the vehicle, and imitation of aerography.

There are three types of car wraps.

  • Simple wraps, cut out from vinyl films

  • Wraps with prints

  • Combination of photo printing with cutting out

The colour changes while the original coating stays the same — changing vehicle’s colour without re-spraying

Complete change of cars’ colour is very popular among companies that use cars for 2 or 3 years and require specific paintwork same for all cars. Examples include taxis and security cars. Just imagine that you have decided to replace your company’s fleet of cars and you need to sell 10, 20 or more yellow or pink Mercedes-Benzes or Audi’s! Who needs them? It is much more practical to buy black or silver cars and have them covered with a special film. At the end of car’s economic life we will simply remove the film and you will get an original colour of your car back.

Painting of trailer tarpaulins

Owners of trailers with tarpaulin covers would find this chapter interesting. How do you put an advert onto tarpaulin???

Based on our experience we can recommend using special ink for PVC fabric. There are special films, but due to a low demand, they are not usually available in stock and very often you will fail to find a colour that you need. In addition to that, based on our experience, we refuse to re-spray very dirty tarpaulins. The paint would not stick to the surface and will come off quickly. The best way to go about this is to make a decision regarding required advertising before buying a trailer. This would enable to apply advertising on seller’s premises during presale service stage.

Glue it yourself and remove it yourself – promotional magnets.

Magnets can be very useful as a temporary information media or for advertising on cars. Very often driving instructors and taxi drivers using their personal cars use magnets for their work. Since magnet sticks to the surface itself and there is no need for gluing, vehicle driver can mount / remove advertising when he or she needs.

A magnet can be temporarily installed on car’s door or a bonnet. Having finished the work you can remove advertising from the car which returns to being your personal, unmarked vehicle. Advertising can be applied to a magnet using plotter films or printed and then laminated.

Magnets can be used as promotional gifts e.g. refrigerator magnets. The image is applied to the surface of the magnet and then cut from the sheet in the form of rectangular magnets or any other shape. To calculate the price of such magnets we need to know the required shape, number of colours, thickness of magnet sheet and the quantity that is needed.

The prices for magnets with printed image:
2 pieces 300 х 20020Eur (laminated – 30Eur)
2pieces 600 х 30040 Eur (laminated – 50 Eur)

All prices do not include 20% VAT.