Beach flags – a simple, yet innovative way to advertise. Flags are flown even in light winds and well attract attention. Despite the name “Beach flag”, it can be installed on the pavement or on the floor in the room, it is only necessary to select a suitable base for the flag.

The advantage of flags:

  • The speed of installation is less than 1 minute

  • Helps to stand out from the crowd

  • Installation anywhere

  • Reasonable prices and product durability


What is important to know when choosing a flag?

The shape and size of the flag

  • Direct form (1-4)

  • Droplet shape (5)


Make a Requset


Depending on where the exposure to select one of the suitable bases:

  • screw Sand

  • pin in the ground

  • rectangular base for flat surfaces (30×30;30×18)

  • universal tripod (can be further weighted Special Delivery)

In cases where the flag is corrupted or the information on it has become irrelevant, the cost of replacing schedules as follows:
Flag size M – 54 €
Flag size L – 84 €
Flag size XL – 102 €

All prices are without VAT 20%