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Address: Kopli 25, 10412, Tallinn, Estonia
Phones: +372 6011 008 • Fax: 6011 036
Internet: : 11196756
VAT nr: EE101032139

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Company name: Advertech OÜ

Bank: Swedbank :Liivalaia 8, 15040 Tallinn

Swift/Bic: HABAEE2X
Iban: EE27 2200 2210 2990 0397

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Shortly about us

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Production of outdoor advertising – is the main focus of our activities in which we are working since 1999. In 2005 the company “Gremylux” shared areas of the business (leaving behind a work-related car) and since then everything related to advertising and design, carried out under the logo Advertech ([Advertek]).

Because our site was originally conceived as a working resource for those who want to understand the “who’s who” in the promotional materials (most often it begins with it our communication with customers), we will in all chapters explain in detail the rules and manufacturing technology.

We hope that after studying the necessary items, you will be easier to understand or make you an offer to correctly formulate a price inquiry. If we do not disclose (yet) a topic, just write us a letter describing your question or problem. We will publish it in a blog or FAQ.

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Open ! Mo. – Fr. 9.30 AM – 18 PM

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