Channel Letters

Three-dimensional channel letters relate to the type of advertising which is most difficult to manufacture yet it stands out due to substantiality, colorfulness and emphaticalness. They can be front lit, backlit or both, as well as edge lit or fully lit, depending on the shape of the logo, application, customer needs and operating environment. Letters can be made of plastic (for indoor use) or aluminium (for outdoor use) and are lit by neon or LEDs. Both lighting types have several advantages which are carefully evaluated before choosing the most suitable one for each project.

Manufacturing technology

The letters are manufactured in the following way: the base (the part of the letter which faces the mounting surface) is cut out from aluminium (usually 2 mm thick) using CNC-cutter. Aluminium profile is welded to this base which is coated with powder paint. The front panel is cut out using CNC-cutter as well and then an aluminium profile Elcomet is glued to panel’s edges. After that a light source (usually LEDs) is installed inside, and then the letter is finally assembled.