Light box with graphic and/or text commercial information is considered to be one of the most popular outdoor advertising. Due to the fact there are many various techniques how to make a light box it can be used in a large variety of ways. Large light boxes can be used as a frontal sign-plate or an outdoor advertising board while smaller units serve as an excellent feature of shop window design or interior whereas models with the replaceable information panels are perfect for short-term promotional campaigns such as seasonal sales.

Что бы вам было проще разобраться в их многообразии мы разделили все световые ящики на несколько основных групп:

– Standard light boxes.

– Custom shaped light boxes

– Light boxes with replaceable inserts


The following section describes different types and models:

Standard light boxes. Those have rectangular shape and are made from aluminium profile. Usually the front panel of a standard light box is made of Perspex (Plexiglas) with an image on it, which is illuminated by luminous lamps or LEDs. In case the box is relatively large (e.g. more than 3-4m wide and 1.5-2m tall) the front panel is made of a special banner fabric. An image is either printed on the fabric or is pasted using a film.

Custom shaped light boxes

This type of advertising is very similar to a standard light box but the letters or logos are cut out of the front panel which is made of aluminium. The holes are covered from the inside by the Perspex (plexiglass) which can be painted in any colour. When it gets dark only the cut out holes will be illuminated. The message can be more eye-catching if the holes are covered by 10-15mm thick transparent Perspex.

Light boxes with replaceable inserts

Those units are perfect for displaying banners during marketing campaigns or menus in cafes and fast-food restaurants. Special ClickClap profile is used in those displays that enables quick and easy banner replacement.

Generally speaking, almost any idea can be turned into reality – there are no limits (except for the physical laws).

Big-size boxes with stretch

Light boxes of irregular shape (look at the picture becomes clearer). Light boxes with carved letters. Advertising of this kind again to the form of the light box, but the front sang made of aluminum, in which the cutting out letters or logos. The openings are closed with the rear side of Plexiglas that can be applied to any group. At night, the lights will only cut holes. Advertising can be done more effectively if the apertures to attach a thick, transparent acrylic, for example 10- 15mm.

Unilateral light boxes

This kind of products is ideal for exhibiting posters with various promotions or menu at fast food. For the manufacture of such advertising stands, we use a special profile ClickClap, which makes it easy to change poster. This allows you to get creative to production of advertising plakatov- generally no restrictions (other than the laws of physics).

Can the light box to be aesthetically beautiful? .... Yes!

We are pleased to introduce a novelty: boxes made of exclusive anodized profile. Unlike standard profiles commonly used for the manufacture of light commercials, exclusive profile is rounded in cross section. It is this unusual form and makes the final product more attractive. Since the profile is made of anodized aluminum it is not necessary to paint, as anodizing layer protects it from the atmosphere.

All drawers are going on LED (LED) modules guarantee c 3 or 5 years of your choice. Default drawer front panel is made of a special plexiglass TruLED which has a higher light transmission as compared with conventional glass and scatters light perfectly.

Available options depth profile of the light:
  • for one-sided boxes 130 or 65mm,
  • for face (double-sided) 130mm.

Remember, the greater the depth, the cheaper the price. This is due to the number of ICE modules required for uniform illumination of the front paneli.Pomnite that the greater the depth, the cheaper the price. This is due to the number of LED modules required for uniform illumination of the front panel.

  1. anodized-profile
  2. anodized-profile1