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Interior (internal) navigation is a complex of signs to help visitors find their way in shopping malls, stores and other commercial and public institutions.
Our team AdverTech help develop a comprehensive navigation system in the shortest possible time and at a reasonable price. We use only high-quality materials on the basis of anodized aluminum, which are produced in the UK. Therefore, we guarantee strict style and only the best quality for you.

Briefly about our product

We specialize in the manufacture of navigation information that makes any company more elegant and more noticeable in the number of competitors. It is a comprehensive information booth or single plate, in which, for example, written information about the location of offices in the building, offices of physicians in hospitals or the name of the employee name with its own room.

The number and dimensions of the profiles may vary on your imagination and the information you provide. There is a generalized version, called Plato (from isp.- dish) it can be used, for example in the mall to specify the location of ATMs, WC-rooms, output and other information.

All these kinds of our products can be hung from the ceiling as (information on both sides), and fixed to the wall and perpendicular to the plane, and the plates can be made small in size as more information on the desktop of your office.

Quality assurance

Now we will talk about what to do from our information navigation.

  • Anodized aluminum is the main component of our products are delivered straight from the UK, so we guarantee the best quality and excellent products without any defects.
  • Time is the most valuable thing we all have. Therefore, we guarantee speed of production and delivery deadlines.

Here are two the main components of our products.

Signs in the shop

Signs in the shop – there are various options, but the most common material is PVC (5-10mm thick). At Customer’s option we can manufacture a signboard with slide-in sleeves, which enables quick text replacement. The signs are usually mounted on the ceiling allowing them to achieve maximum visibility.

Room index

Room index – there is a large number of various aluminium sets of signs that can be put together to show the list of tenants in the building. If that is what you need, all you have to do is let us know and we do the rest. These units can also be made using various materials, e.g. room index presented on the picture is a set of plates made of black Perspex and fixed onto aluminium frame.

Road sign

Road sign – talking about a typical road sign showing a direction, usually it has aluminium base, unless it is a deliberate slopwork (or forced cost-cutting), then it is made of galvanized tin. The message is pasted-up using reflective film. These road signs are mounted onto lamp posts, frames or designated fixtures.