Polygraphy concerns a whole industry of reproduction of printing production, namely books, magazines, packing, labels, business, advertising etc. We will discuss the last type of printing production as most probably, it is advertising polygraphy that took you to our website[TS-VCSC-Spacer height=”10″]
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Most common and simple works in advertising polygraphy are:
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  • business cards,blanks,advertising leaflets,posters
  • Stickers,Tablets – Pointers,Banner
  • Wide Format Printing
  • Interior Print
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Quite often it is required to combine various possibilities of printing and ways of finishing techniques for successful task achiement; very rarely one print shop is capable to finish the task independently in full. We act as “print broker” i.e. having a large partners database we divide a complicated work to simple tasks and organise and control production process later on.

In our portfolio you can find almost all possible ways of printing and post-processing.:print with silver or golden application,laminating,lacquer or top coating (UV varnish),stamping,serigraphy on self-adhesive tape and plastics
cutting,gluing,labels and envelops printing,carton stands and boxes making etc

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Stickers, advertising leaflets, blanks, posters

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  • Booklets – a type of printed products, which are used for distribution to potential customers. The meaning of advertising booklets – to convey to potential buyers as much useful information. Advertising Information, which is placed in the booklet should be interesting and useful to a potential customer.
  • Business cards are a kind person businessman or business, so a small one of the most popular promotional products. So little media information required an assistant for business meetings, negotiations and presentations.
  • Letterhead – one of the attributes of corporate style. Letterhead allocate your letter from a variety of others, and in many cases will first experience your destination with your company, so do not skimp on such an important document for its image.
  • Posters as promotional product are very popular among customers Advertech. This type of outdoor advertising not only attracts the attention of potential buyers, but also maintains an interest in him in the future.
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This variant is more complicated than business cards and advertising leaflets printing.

Our task was to make a menu for a sushi restaurant with thick cover, wear- and water-resistant pages, meanwhile the number of copies was small – around 50 copies.

This menu was printed on a special plastic paper that allows not to laminate the pages. The cover is made from thick paper and laminated.

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Stickers,Tablets - Pointers,Banner

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Stickers is a type of advertising that can be found everywhere — on illuminated signs, shop windows, cars, different wrappings and even on the floor in the shopping malls.

Due to this diversity we will try to expand the subject, starting from the basic techniques and materials

Advertising banner graphic image printed on the plastic (PVC fabric). Most often, banners can be found in the city on large billboards and banners and banners sometimes close the building entirely.

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Sticker – one of the small forms reminiscent of advertising; produced polygraphic or silk screen printing method, usually self-adhesive base. The material from which made a sticker can be quite varied: paper (various grades and densities), plastic film.

Tablets - Pointers

Information signs are now one of the main elements of navigation, and often the first thing we see when entering the territory of any office building or institution. Pointers can be placed both on the street and inside the premises..

  • banner
  • Banners stretch
  • interior banner
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Photo Wallpaper

Photo wallpaper is a fact that creates a certain atmosphere in the room. Some time photo wallpaper perceived as a relic of the past, but today they are one of the most modern trends of interior design. We’ll tell you all about quick and inexpensive way of transformation apartments through our photo-wallpapers.