Complete change of cars’ colour is very popular among companies that use cars for 2 or 3 years and require specific paintwork same for all cars. Examples include taxis and security cars. Just imagine that you have decided to replace your company’s fleet of cars and you need to sell 10, 20 or more yellow or pink Mercedes-Benzes or Audi’s! Who needs them? It is much more practical to buy black or silver cars and have them covered with a special film. At the end of car’s economic life we will simply remove the film and you will get an original colour of your car back.

We use special cast films to wrap an entire surface of the vehicle. Most often we use 3M Controltac films. These films can stretch up to 400% and are bubble-free. It is possible to use a cheaper material, but in this case it is likely that some parts of vehicle’s body will be have joints after wrapping (since a one-piece film cannot be used) and it is unlikely that the film will last long

We have a few more comments regarding a wrapping technique: Firstly, ideally the car should be almost completely disassembled before it gets wrapped, and most parts are wrapped separately. However, in this case the cost of the whole projects would increase – since the dismantling followed by assembling takes the same time as the wrapping itself.

That is why, in order to reduce costs, it is common to try and disassemble as little as possible – the film is twisted round, folded, tucked into joints, etc, disassembling only when there is no other option. Secondly, it is impossible avoid joints at all. Even if the film can be stretched up to 400%, it cannot be stretched endlessly – at some point it will thin out and will either tear or become transparent so that the original body colour will be seen through the film. If the dimensions of individual part exceed the maximum width of the roll of film, which is 1220 mm, the joints between the strips of film are inevitable.

If you have to choose between different proposals for a complete wrap of the vehicle, you should clarify in advance what material you need and state it in the description of the bidding procedure.