Production of outdoor advertising – is the main focus of our activities in which we are working since 1999.

We offer quality products at affordable prices. Also, you get a 3 year warranty on primary production and 5 years for premium class.

Will work with you personal manager who will advise you on the thumbnail layouts and technological solutions.

We are ready to discuss the terms individually with each company.

Our company manufactures products for direct from the manufacturer, and also offers installation services and further service will make our products.


Advertising on cars is a separate partition, because the number of different options and the range of technological possibilities is very wide.

Advertising can be very simple bumper sticker with an Internet address or phone number of the company with information about the sale of the machine itself, or the printed image, which completely changes the look of the machine, making it an element of corporate identity.


Printing is a whole industry breeding printed materials, namely, books, magazines, packaging, business, advertising, etc.

Printed matter, in most cases is in the market face of the company, so it should look decent, bright and colorful and executed efficiently.

We are well versed in the printing market and can offer the whole range of printed products for a reasonable price.
As part of our website, we look at the last few chapters, perhaps it is because advertising printing led you here.


Here gathered the finished products of different booths from more expensive to
the cheapest options.

We offer mobile stands, which are simple and convenient solution for any event.
Production is convenient because it is easy to transport and assemble. Mobile stands can be used in any room.

We have the following types of stands:

  • Pop-Up

  • X stands

  • flags

  • Express Roll-UP

  • Double-sided Roll-Up

  • Roll-Up «Elegant”

  • click Profiles

  • L-stend

Light decoration of facades and interiors.

Lighting design (design, development, construction, calculation of lighting) – a design direction.

The main advantage of lighting design is a small power consumption and installation in a short time.

Lighting design is divided into 2 categories of lighting.

  • architectural lighting

  • Interior Lighting


Type of advertising that surrounds us everywhere: on the illuminated signs on shop windows, on cars, on the packaging, and even on the floor of the shopping centers.

Due to the diversity of the product, we will try to explain in detail the types of technologies and materials for the manufacture of these products.

Advertising banner graphic image printed on the plastic (PVC fabric). Most often, banners can be found in the city on large billboards and banners and banners sometimes close the building entirely.


Sticker – one of the small forms reminiscent of advertising; produced polygraphic or silk screen printing method, usually self-adhesive base. The material from which made a sticker can be quite varied: paper (various grades and densities), plastic film.

Tablets - Pointers

Information signs are now one of the main elements of navigation, and often the first thing we see when entering the territory of any office building or institution. Pointers can be placed both on the street and inside the premises..


  • banner

  • interior banner

Welcome back

We will try to describe in detail all the rules and technology of our products, we hope that after studying the necessary items, it will be easier to understand the information you need.

If you still remain any questions, publish your request on the page, and our experts will give you all the necessary to understand the information that interests you.

We specialize

Light on advertising and advertising on transport

We specialize in illuminated signs and advertising on transport, as well as offer additional services to advertise your business.

Our specialists have extensive experience with all types of lighting. They are responsible for the mass of completed projects, positive reviews of professionals and commendations from customers.

On the sale of lighting devices

Sales of quality lighting fixtures is a key objective of our company, but we also put the emphasis on placement, counseling, setup and programming.

More than 10 years in the advertising business


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