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Light Boxes

Lightboxes are perhaps the simplest element of light advertising. A lightbox is a volumetric box containing LED modules inside, with a front panel made of light-transmitting material (such as acrylic glass), onto which an image is applied.

Lightboxes can be single-sided – for wall mounting, or double-sided – installed perpendicular to the wall.

The scope of application for lightboxes is extremely broad, and for each specific case, there is a particular manufacturing technology. Below, you can explore and understand various manufacturing technologies for lightboxes and choose the most suitable one for your needs:

  • Simple (rectangular) lightboxes.
  • Large-sized simple lightboxes.
  • Lightboxes of non-standard shapes.
  • Lightboxes with cut-out letters.
  • Lightboxes with a front panel made of textile.
  • Ultra-thin lightboxes for displaying posters.

Front lit one side lightboxes

Double side - console type

Simple (rectangular) lightboxes.

Rectangular lightboxes are made from aluminum profiles. Typically, the front panel of such a box is made of acrylic glass with an applied image, illuminated from below by LEDs. This manufacturing technology is suitable for boxes up to four meters in length and two meters in height.

In our own production, we use two types of profiles – aluminum standard profile (with widths of 100, 140, and 180 mm) and round profile (with widths of 65 and 130 mm). The profiles are designed for the production of both single-sided and double-sided lightboxes.

Large-sized simple lightboxes.

Although the dimensions of the box are relatively large (more than 3-4 meters wide and 1.5-2 meters high), the bottom of such a box is welded together into a frame, while the front panel is made from a special light-transmitting banner fabric. The image is either printed or applied with decals onto this fabric. The advantage of this technology is that it allows for the production of seamless and continuous long signs, ensuring high wind resistance.

Lightboxes of non-standard shapes

This technology is a kind of compromise between individual letters and a rectangular box. The box shape, mirroring your logo, looks more exclusive compared to a rectangular box, and the cost of such a product is significantly lower than that of individual light letters. The manufacturing technology for such signs is comparable to the technology used for making light letters: the base and front panel of the required shape are cut on a CNC machine. Then, the profile of the necessary thickness is attached to the cut parts, and LED modules are installed inside the box. That’s it – the box is ready.

Lightboxes with cut-out letters.

Advertising of this kind again resembles a lightbox in shape. The front panel is made of aluminum or composite panel, with letters or a logo cut out. The openings are covered with acrylic glass from the back, onto which any shade can be applied. During the night, only the cut-out openings will be illuminated. The advertisement can be made more attractive by installing volumetric elements made of 10-20mm thick acrylic glass into the openings. Then, the letters will protrude from the box, giving a greater effect to the signage.

Lightboxes with a front panel made of textile.

Since the material of the front panel is fabric, constructions of this kind are mainly intended for indoor use. The biggest advantage of this type of box is that the frame or profile of the box is completely invisible on the front panel. It can be said that the box is “frameless”. Another significant advantage is that it’s possible to create a box of impressive size without seams or joints, and the box can be installed, for example, in a niche, without leaving any technological gaps.

Lightboxes for displaying posters. Ultra thin poster frames.

Lightboxes designed for displaying posters. This type of advertising is difficult to call a box; it’s more accurate to refer to it as a light frame or light panel, as its thickness is only a couple of centimeters.

We produce frames using two technologies: with a magnetic or “Click” profile. Both technologies allow you to replace the poster in a matter of minutes. You just need to choose which option fits your design best.