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Kleebised on reklaami liik, mis ümbritseb meid kõikjal – valgusreklaamidel, vaateakendel, autodel, mitmesugustel pakenditel ja isegi ostukeskuste põrandatel. Sellise mitmekesisuse tõttu püüame teemat lahti seletada alates põhilistest tehnoloogiatest ja materjalidest


Trükkitud Kleebised

Time schedule on the door or window is also a sticker. These types of stickers are cut out from the vinyl film using a plotter. The stickers are not limited to the letters only; technically it is possible to make an image combining films of several colors. There are around 50 different colors of films available. Also it’s worth to note that there are different types of vinyl films e.g. for the cars, for light-advertisements, transparent films for stained glass windows.

Trükkitud kleebised

In case of a gradient colors or shadows in the picture, or when it is difficult to achieve the result by combining solid-color films the picture can be printed on a white film, cut out if necessary and then pasted up. We use a wide format printer for this type of orders. This way any photo, image or illustration can be installed on the shop window display. If it is necessary to put printed image on the car, then it is recommended to protect the sticker with a laminating film. It protects the ink from scratches, impacts of dust and other small particles and discoloring.

Liivapritsu kleebised (ETCH)

There are special decorative films with different effects, e.g. polished or frosted glass — ETCH film. This material enables fine decoration of glass surfaces. The film is also widely used for privacy, to cover something from unwanted attention but allowing natural light through. The film is available in different colours (silver being the most popular, gold, pink, green).

"One Way Vision" kleebised

The next material that is worth mentioning is a One Way Vision (perforated) film. A printer is used to print an image onto this film. This material is used for advertising on shop window displays, public transport windows and other transparent surfaces. When this film is installed on the shop window display and there is a low-light inside, then a picture can be seen well from the outside while the glass seems almost transparent from the inside.

Põranda kleebised

Põrandale saad ka kleebised panna. Tuleb arvestama, et see on ajutine lhendus, tavaliselt kestvusega 1-3 kuud.

Meie alati kasutame kvaliteetne alusmaterial (polümeerne kile) püsiliimiga, mis lamineeritakse põrandalaminaadiga.