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Volume light letters are the most common way of designing advertising solutions. Their undeniable advantage is an elegant and stylish appearance.

Light in the letters can be directed forward to illuminate their front surface, or it can be directed backward to highlight the wall behind the letters and create a halo effect around the advertisement, or a combined option can be used, which combines both technologies. The letter bodies are made of aluminum using special equipment that bends them according to the corresponding file. This ensures perfect quality assembly and a 100% accurate logo image. As a light source, we only use high-quality LED modules with a warranty of at least 5 years.

Write to us! Our team will help you navigate the technologies and materials used for making letters and select the most suitable solution for your goals that fits within your budget.

What types of letters are?

FrontLit Letters


These are illuminated or glowing front-surface volumetric letters. Currently, this is the most popular type of light advertising. Bright, beautiful, and easily readable letters attract attention during the day and at night.

A solid solution for your company’s advertising sign.

BackLit ligning


Background light directed towards the wall or behind the letters. This creates a halo of light around the advertising sign, emphasizing its style. The halo can be of different colors, as well as warm or cool white tones. An interesting solution that allows projecting a halo of light onto the wall. During the day and in the evening, the appearance of the letters is visually different.



This technology allows combining different types of lighting – both the wall behind the letters and the front surface of the letters are illuminated simultaneously. Such lighting creates an interesting effect in the dark, where the colored text or logo stands out against the background glow. Simply a fantastic sight!

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